LaVey Personality Synthesizer

Ari Bach’s 12 Card Clock System

Based upon the LaVey Personality Synthesizer

The Core Trumps:

The FoolThe Fool

Card 0.  Male, Water, Pisces.

Ignorance is a trait of the most basic.   To let the currents of time and fate dictate ones actions completely, to seek the lowest, easiest path will lead one downwards.  One’s hunger will destroy what’s beautiful, resulting in the squandering of things put to better use.

6 on the clock.
SwampThe Swamp

Card 1. AKA Temperance in the traditional Tarot.  Male, Earth, Scorpio.

Stagnation, nothing moves, nothing changes.  Barrier block every effort to improve or change, not that rock has anywhere to go.  The elements and life move around it, grow from it, decay upon it, but it goes nowhere.

8 on the clock.
The Hanged ManThe Hanged Man

Card 2.  Male, Water, Cancer.

A victim, weakness, prey.  To try and fail in the worst way hurts, but it’s better than standing still or letting those around you dictate your actions.  There are great ambitious lives throughout history now deemed failures, even some angels have failed.   But failure nonetheless.

5 on the clock.
The SlaveThe Slave

Card 3. AKA The Chariot in traditional Tarot.  

Female, Water, Aquarius.   To be used, controlled, or even simply employed.  It’s hard to work for the will of another, especially when the other is undeserving of their power over you.  At the same time, the effort makes one strong. 

7 on the clock.
The TowerThe Tower

Card 4.  Male, Earth, Libra. 

Failure and Loss.  Defeat and ruin.  The higher it’s built, the harder it falls and the more it crushes when it does.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t worth building. Defeat can be accepted and the ruins left behind in favor of greener pastures, or one can start to rebuild.  The later is more difficult, but often more rewarding.

10 on the clock.
The HermitThe Hermit

Card 5.  Male, Air, Virgo.  

A card of loneliness, disconnection and solitude.  Also a card of hope- If you have half of something it means the other half is out there somewhere.  It may be far away, you may have to wade through the nastiest slums to find it, but when you do it’s brilliant.

4 on the clock.
The LoversThe Lovers

Card 6. Male, Air, Sagitarius. 

Creation is the alchemical act of adding a liquid to the substance while heated, yielding a softer substance with a wax-like texture.  Not to be confused with alchemical union, but an important step toward it. 

9 on the clock.
BeastThe Beast

Card 7.  AKA Judgement or The Angel in traditional Tarot.  Female, Air, Aries. 

Birth, gain and success.  To eat the apple and learn mastery life and death, to nurse and grow strong, to win.  These are all steps toward the goal but not the goal itself, to mistake the method for the achievement will leave one halfway there. 

3 on the clock.
The TheocratThe Theocrat

Card 8.  AKA The Heirophant in traditional Tarot.  Male, Fire, Taurus.  
The master, the controller, the employer.  To force one’s will upon others and make them work for your own benefits.  Not always a cruel thing if it’s done right.  But it’s so rarely done right.
1 on the clock.
The DevilsThe Devils

Card 9.  AKA The Devil in traditional Tarot.  Female, Fire, Capricorn.

Predators, perpetrators, the strong over the weak.  They are movers and manipulators of fate, but always at each others throats.  Time devours its own children and this is the card of that act, for time itself is only a contiuum, it’s really time’s children that devour each other.

11 on the clock.
The NornThe Norn

Card 10.  AKA The Wheel of Fortune in traditional Tarot.  Female, Air, Gemini.  

Symbolic of fate, and what is fate but change?  Everything changes in time, change is the only constant.  What one cannot control one must predict, and act in accordance with.  Opposition to the inevitable yields only pain.

2 on the clock.
The SorceressThe Sorceress

Card 11.  AKA The Priestess in traditional Tarot.  Female, Fire, Leo.  
The master of events, the shaper of destiny, the will in action.  The opposite of the fool, the Sorceress is active, in control.  Aware instead of ignorant, wise instead of apathetic.  A goddess, for the only gods that exist are men and women who make deities of themselves. 

12 on the clock.